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Veterans' Art Venue

Welcome to the Veterans' Art Venue where we aim to refine, enhance, and empower veterans through the arts.

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38X48, oil on canvas

Winner, First Place, 2016

Western Regional VA Art Festival

The above oil painting by Phyllis Thomas, depicts a scene of above and below. The above scene of another day in the park, in any city USA. The sunny days of blue skies and soft white clouds offer a sense of joy, fun and comfort to those in the park, while below is "The Price of freedom", an image of those who have gave their lives and those who are among us, injured by wars of the past and wars current.

This painting is available in limited editions and gallery giclee prints.

Part of the "Vibrant Nature & Universe Sensations" art series, to evoke the senses and to reflect.

We offer the image of "The Price of Freedom" in giclee reproduction prints, canvas wrap and poster art.


Above image of Phyllis Thomas presenting the Vibrant Nature & Universe Sensations" series at The Match Entertainment Art Center in Houston Texas,  August 13th, 2016.


Los Angeles County VA  

Chief Deputy Stephanie Stone of The Los Angeles County Veterans Affairs  "Veterans Women Summit, March of 2017.

Phyllis Thomas

Melissa Kaufler, Field Representative from Assembly member Richard Bloom and Phyllis Thomas: at the "Veterans Forum", hosted by the Hollywood Post 43, American Legion, December 10, 2017.

A group picture with Senator Ben Allen, at a hearing "Veterans and The Arts, of May 22nd, 2018

Phyllis Thomas

A proud veteran and her finished work of art

Phyllis Thomas

Three veterans and their own creations from our "Paint & Sip, art therapy session

Robert Callahan/USMC/Veteran and Phyllis Thomas, veteran, Founder Director, The Veterans Art Venue "Art & The Community", here where The Veterans Art Venue, created a sign of support of the student atheletes of Farrell High Steelers. On December 6th, 2018, the tean varsity football team, won the State Championship in Hersey Pa. Todate , the team's average GPA is 3.69 and all the seniors have an path to major universities, Penn Sate, Pitt Univesity, Harvard, Auburn, etc. A mention, Thanks to the staff at Staples of Hermitage , Pa, for completing the design for the sign.