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Every day I find joy, hope, and acceptance in my craft. My wish for you is that through my artwork you experience the same.


I am always in a hypnotic state of wonder, when natures offer so many visual gifts to appreciate and to praise.

Phyllis Thomas- Artist

About The Artist Phyllis Thomas

Hello, I’m Phyllis, life-long artist and California native.

Creating visual images that spark self-reflection and motivate the healing process is my passion, and as a Vietnam-era Navy veteran, I find guiding therapeutic art groups for the veteran community especially rewarding.

I love experimenting with colors, textures, and techniques as well as using various surfaces including canvas, wood, metals—and even footwear! A number of my creations have been featured in interior art placements, restoration projects, and mural commissions.

Inspired by outdoor vistas, much of my artwork features unusual landscapes where I highlight nature’s graceful beauty. You can see my celebration of spirit in the Vibrant Nature and Universe Sensations series or the integration of man and universe in Man & Energy. And The Price of Freedom is my visual tribute to the courageous men and women of our military. 

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Cleanse (Wall View) Art By Phyllis Thomas
Cleanse (Wall View) Art By Phyllis Thomas

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